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A mixed bag of training and some very odd weather

Saturday 28th March.

5K Parkrun replacement. Setting Patterns now.. Longstrops again. 1/2 mile warm up to the Bell Lane end and then off as fast as i can to Dobbs lane , turn around and back again, add a bit and Voila! 5km. Decent run, easy again to avoid folk.

Sunday 29th March.

Long Run day 🙁 14 miles planned. Really not looking great as I contemplate setting off. Snowing! yes snowing!

Add an extra layer, gloves and a wool hat. This run is planned again to head out past the BT dishes, Waldringfield, over to NewBourne then back up to the A12 , footbridge and onto Longstrops (again!!)

By mile 2 the snow has stopped and its raining, mile 4 the sun is out and I’m baking! Hat off! Top Layer off! Gloves-nope i always wear gloves.

Really nice run, good views of the river between Waldringfield and Hemley, nearly get run over coming up the hill out of Newbourne by the only car on the road(go figure!). Back home and 14 miles done. Feel ok, used a gel at 8 miles posting a semi OK 1:58:32 for 14 miles (8.28min/mile).

01 April

Its Wednesday again. Had a few days off. 10 km Tempo run today. Longstrops up to the Black Tiles and back along main road, to Penzance road finishing at the shops. Did ok 7.25min/miles, pretty consistant across all 6 miles. Happy with that, better than doing Intervals.

#Marathon training

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