• Paul

Welcome to May 2020 Taking it easy but still trying to keep the miles going.

02 May

The start of another month. I’ve set a little challenge for the club -2.6miles along Longstrops 2.6 bell lane to dobbs and back.

Thought id better give it a bash 18:59 so 7:15min/mile. Not to shabby.

03 May

LongStrops 2.6 this time with Fran dressed in lime and pink tutu’s. 21:30 then off down Penzance road and back up Main road to home. Quite a few car toots and Fran waving at drivers ‘ because they need a wave’. Also mistaken for Kesgrave Supersheroes and have to stop for a few photos.

04 May

Afternoon run with Fran around the local roads 4.35 miles at a leisurely 9:13 pace. Nothing too taxing. Probably time for a day off. Hip and ankle starting to feel better.

07 May

Another Club Challenge… this time 5km Twist. Beat your most recent 5k time in a race against yourself. Tough one. I did my best 5k this year on 4th Jan just as i was getting back some speed, then got injured, anyway I've got to beat 20:31 (approx) . How can i do this?….

Gravity! ok so a bit of a cheat, run onto main road, black tiles, down to the red lion and finish at sandy lane. 5kin 21:10… hmmm that makes me +0:39 sec. Not bad. I punish myself by running back to complete a 10k in 45 mins.

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