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Tempo Run

Tempo Run this morning

What is tempo running all about? There seems to be loads of definitions. I work on trying to maintain a pace over a given distance that is 20 to 30 seconds slower per mile than my 5km race pace.

That's great but looking at your watch pace whilst working hard is also hard! So I'd say it feels like you can't really talk when your at your tempo pace, I personally can manage to say hello!, or maybe a short sentence but i can't hold a conversation.

Tempo running is vital, it builds aerobic capacity and lactate threshold- basically allowing you to run faster for longer without having the dead/heavy legs feeling during or when you have finished the session. It should feel like you have worked hard for a sustained period without feeling like you have given everything and can't go on. I like to try and do between 45 to 60 mins so will cover a distance of about 6 to 8 miles. Here is my session from today with a stop half way for about 30 seconds to give myself a breather. Happy Running.

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