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Replacing some cancelled races and getting back on track

09 May

Not the Twilight 5k..+Club Twisty Challenge.

Twilight was a major goal this year. I had planned to train and get back to my 5k PB of 19:11. Injury pretty much stopped that, however i need to earn my medal. New route , main road to dobbs, dobbs to little tesco along the cycle path. No Gravity assist. 21:07.

Not bad , Mile 1 and 2 pretty decent 06:40min/mile -mile 3 7:20- fatique and a bottle of wine/beers the night before taking its toll. Still my KK twist drops to +0.33

Top tip don't drink alcohol and expect to run a great time!

10 May

Sunday run. New route through ‘The Sinks’ and about 2 miles of completely new trail. 8 miles total with Fran then an extra 5.1 solo to make 1/2 Marathon distance. Needed to do some mileage and start to get the marathon training back on track. not bad -7:50min/mile for the last 5 bringing me in for the 1/2 in 1hr59min. Its under 2 hours so thats fine!

So far this month I’m at 37.8 miles… not sure how this low mileage month is going to pan out!

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