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Why is pacing a vital skill for any runner?

Studies have shown that running any event too quickly in the first few miles significantly impacts in performance in the latter stages. Learning to run evenly on your required pace for whatever event can prevent you running out of steam at the end.

Today I ran 4 miles at a controlled pace- trying to maintain at constant 08:20 min/mile. This first 4 miles I was keeping an eye on the lap pace and adjusting as necessary. Success. 08:20 maintained albeit running well within my capability. A lot of effort expended looking at my watch throughout. Turning around 4 miles back- this time running without paying attention to the watch-running by feel. Unsurprisingly some deviation did occur a range of +5 and -4 seconds from the first base mile. The return was much easier, less stress and more time looking up rather than at my wrist. I used the watch much less- just glanced when the lap marker chimed, concentrating on breathing and overall rhythm. Something to work on.

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