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Marathon day

31 May 2020 MARATHON DAY

Today is Marathon day.


Complete 26.2 miles quicker than 4hr 4mins – my previous time from Orwell last year (also my only other Marathon).


The course is 3 loops of between 8.4 and 9.4 miles past my house.Mixed tarmac and trail(about 80/20 split) Planned set off time 0700 hrs.

Fran is organising the water stops- 1/2L water with High5 isotonic added+a Gel+a water bottle to carry on the lap.

Kev Ward and Phil and Jayne Chappels are socially distance running an individual leg with me to keep me company/motivated/pointing in the right direction.

Loop1 with Kev Ward

To Waldringfield Golf course via the BT dishes- back past BT,over the footbridge and along longstrops to home. Pace – maintained 08:20min/mile average- projected Finish 3:38:39. Felt ok. Supporters there to clap as we came in.( all distancing on the roa) Stopped for about 20 seconds to take the drink. Fran sorted me out and off again.

Loop2 with Jayne Chappels

To the Hospital along main road, down to KFC, left and along past the showground almost all the way to the A12, left turn and heading back home up Bell lane. Pace- maintained 08:20min/mile average-Still on for 3:38:39 finish. Felt ok coming in . Grabbed another Iso drink and gel+ water to carry. Stopped about 15 seconds this time. Drink very hard to get down. Fran had written down all the Club members wishing me good luck on a banner to cheer me along.

Loop3 with Phil Chappels

To Tesco and through the woods,past the donkeys and on to Ipswich road at Waldringfield-A12,past BT, footbridge and Longstrops to finish. About 9(and a bit miles). it took about a mile to get the Gel down, making me gag! I’d intended to carry on the 08:20 pace as long as possible. it dropped immediately to 09:00min/mile on mile 18 and remained in that region for the rest of the run (between 8:43 and last mile 09:30). By mile 23 i was struggling, partially due to the heat(it was very warm) but also due to not running past 19 miles during the build up. Phil kept me on track with words of encouragement including ‘GET YOUR HEAD UP!’ as i sagged on the hills, and general chatter. Despite the slow down i crossed the finish in 3:44:55, Fran, Nathan,Kev and Jayne waiting- also passed Ant on millennium field clapping again.

A 19 minute PB.Quite pleased. Big thanks to Fran, Kev, Jayne and Phil for making it all much easier.

Overall a successful couple of weeks, Fran's longest run ever and a new Marathon PB.

Lessons learned and key points

1. Pick your route (or race event) wisely- hills on the last lap wasn't the greatest idea ever!

2. Train smart and be prepared for bumps along the way, sprained ankles and unexpected turns.

3. Plan the fuel and water stops- find out what works. The gels and iso drinks worked well for me.

4. If your not a seasoned Marathon runner prepare for discomfort in the latter portion of the run. On both my Marathons past about 23 miles was more a mental than physical challenge. Something to work on.

5. If you can get friends to willingly help- do so, they offer great support throughout.

So for me that is my Marathon challenge complete for this year. Back to running shorter distances that I generally feel more comfortable with.

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