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Marathon approaching fast

20 May

Another 5km, a pattern forming?

23:45. recorded in Strava a hard effort , didn't enjoy it at all although I've no idea why!

21 May

10 k around Fynn valley . Very easy 4 miles taking photos as i went, run up the hill past the allotments and a quick last mile home finishing with an average 8:05min/mile.

24 May

Fynn Valley run with Fran. 14 miles and Frans longest run ever. Route took us out to Tuddenham (fountain pub)to Strugglers Lane then to Witnesham. Theres a nice 3.5 mile loop here from Strugglers Lane, then back along the valley and home for 14miles.

1/2 distance in 2hrs 11min and on to 14 miles and Frans distance PB.

An extra 3.5 miles solo to bring the training distance up to 17.5miles.

Its getting close to the point were i need to think about a suitable Marathon route and hopefully a PB for my second ever Marathon distance run.

101.4 miles this month…so much for the distance reduction!

27 May

On Sunday Fran suggested maybe i should just go for it and do my Marathon. With a history of getting injured the more long runs i do i decided to set 31st May as the date. That made this the last run before some rest and the actual attempt. As i had a rough plan to do 3 loops past my house for the actual Marathon i decided to run one of them. 8.41miles at 8:21min/mile coming in at 1hr10mins. Felt good, setting the basis for my Marathon attempt pace.

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