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08 April

A few days off after Sunday. 9 Miles around Kesgrave,struggled for the first 5 then started to pick up completing the 9 with an average 8.07min/mile. No idea why it all felt so difficult.

09 April

Decided to stay local after the last effort and circled the roads near home. 5 1/2 miles at a leisurely 8:52min/mile. Felt ok , 200m from home i caught my ankle on a curb and twisted it. Hurt alot, limped home. Grabbed a beer, pain killers and ice.

No running for 3 days and a lot of ice packing and constant use of compression socks and straps to try and fix the ankle. Heavy bruising. Plan to run Bank Holiday monday just around the local area….

13 April

Had a few days off and then went out for a pretty slow 10km. Stayed around the local area and discovered roads i’d never along before. Ankle not feeling great really.

15 April

Early morning run to the Boardwalks, along Purdis Farm lane and back up Dobbs Lane to GF. Very warm for 07:30 in the morning.Not particularly fast 08:15min/mile.

16 April

A bit of a break in normal running for me going out 2 days in a row. Lockdown Fever maybe? Longstrops to Tesco, main road down to Penzance and back to Ropes drive. 7.5miles and a pretty sedate 8:42mn/mile pace.

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