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Doing something I don't like...

28 March

Well its Been a funny old week or so for sure. We didn’t get grounded and so I continued with my training, although it was somewhat haphazard.

After my long Sunday run I had a few days off as is becoming the Norm and didn’t do anything until Wednesday. 8 miles out to Waldringfield Golf Course via the BT dishes then back along the A12, over the footbridge and Longstrops to home. A nice run with nobody around, perfect for avoiding social contact in these times. In fact the only living things i saw were a flock of sheep steadily munching through a field of going off cauliflowers. Proper Flatulance!

Next up some Intervals! This is a real departure for me, I hardly ever do them- I shold do more but Idon't like them at all. We are all human and i really have to force myself to do them. Anyway 20 minutes, 1 min on 1 off along Longstrops for 2.74miles. I was right i still don't like intervals!

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