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Cooper Test

Cooper Test. What is that I hear you cry.

At its most simple level it is a test of how far you can run in 12 minutes. It's a great benchmark and can help a developing runner get an idea of how their training is progressing.

Intriguingly it isn't as simple as it seems. Sure you can go flat out at the start but most will suffer in the closing minutes as the legs tie up with lactic. So it is also a test of maximal pacing.

It can be used to give an idea of a runners VO2 max with the application of a formula- most peoples sports watches calculate this for them now.

VO2max =D-504.9/44.73 where D is distance in Metres.

There's various tables online telling you based on the distance how you rate for a particular age.

I tried the test this morning, picked a route on tarmac, nice and flat and went early whilst it was cool. In 12 minutes i managed 2977m (1.84miles).

Applying the formula above:

2977-504.9/44.73 = 55.26

Interesting as my watch says 52 currently.

That's a closer correlation than I expected.

You can see on the pace and cadence charts i didn't quite get it right today, too quick initially and cadence dropped off at the end as i had to lengthen my stride to keep the pace. Ill give this another month and try again.

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