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Challenges and poor planning

13 May

Club +ve mind -ve split Challenge

Another week another club challenge. This one tricky for me. I hate picking up pace as a run develops! I thought I'd run 1/2 way then just go a bit quicker therefore achieving the neg; split. After mile 1 that felt like a cheat so i decided to go for upping each mile my approx 15/20sec/mile.

pretty much succeeded 8:00>7:56>8:41>8:28>8:18>7:42>7:33>7:21>7:06. Pleased with it and it shows how a challenge can give you something to aim for.

15 May

Off the back of the club Challenge a Progressive 5k 7:55>7:30>6:44min/miles . Finishing in 22:49

Enjoyed it a lot maybe ill do this again!

16 May

Another 5k. Same route as the other day but relaxed finishing in 23:53, upping the pace every mile but not making massive effort. Fun if a little warm! On completion i tacked on an extra 2 miles just to up the mileage a little. Also because it was sunny.

17 May

Long run day. I last ran this route training for Orwell last year with a buddycovering 21miles in 3hrs 10mins at a 9:04min/mile pace, it was my last long run before Orwell taper week began. So how did i fare this time?

The route takes you down to the Deben along woodbridge river front then along the river until the path terminates at the rail bridge . Thats the 10 mile point , turn around and run home. It was very hot this year. I had one 0.5L water and 2 gels. i really didn't plan this well at all. So all went well until 10 miles, drank 3/4 of the water, took a gel and turned for home. At 15 miles (boatyard by the creek) had another gel and the rest of the water. Starting to feel fatigued.

Decided as i climbed out the river valley just to get home. At 18 miles very fatigued, held on until LongStrops and 19 miles. Stopped 1/2 mile from home and walked in, shattered, too hot,not enough water not fuel.

overall 19 miles at 8:38min/mile. total time 2hr44min. Not bad my longest run this year. Despite the bad planning marathon distance getting there in the legs.


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