• Paul

An unexpected Sunday run

19 April

Today is supposed to belong run day but I'm not really feeling like it, thinking i might do 10 miles or so. Ankle is still not right, slightly swollen. Set off down Dr Watsons lane, maybe cut into Fynn valley and turn back for home. I wasn't sure. A few miles later feeling great. Watch is telling me I’m doing 7:50min/mile. Stop for a gel at 6 miles down near Kyson point on the river and bump into a running buddy coming the other way. Have a quick chat, he's off for a Marathon distance. Set off and head back up towards Waldringfield road, bump into two more running pals and then another 100m later.

Still feeling ok. ( a bit thirsty as no water and its another hot day) having done about 8 miles so decide to crack on to 1/2 marathon distance. Head towards The Black Tiles then down main road to penzance and in to home. 13.1 miles complete in a reasonable 1:43:24. As its long run day i made up a few miles jogging bring the total for the day to 18miles.

On sitting and checking my Garmin this turns out to be my fastest 1/2 distance since Great bentley PB (1:29:50) back in 2018. No idea why . That's running for you!

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