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A week when the whole world turned upside down!

25 March

A lot can change in a week! Orwell has been cancelled due to the COVID 19 pandemic. I’ve decided as long as we are still allowed to go out for exercise I’m going to stick to my plan and be at the distance on or about the week that Orwell was supposed to happen.

So what did i actually get up to in the past week? I took a few days off after running with my buddy and then mid week did 7 1/2 miles at a pretty medium pace (8min/mile), Saturday carried out a Parkrun replacement 5km managing a reasonable pace (7:15/mile). Overall not a great deal really!

Sunday I ran with my other half for 10 miles together managing a nice relaxed 09:30 min/mile then I did the 3.1 miles solo a little faster completing 1/2 marathon distance in 2hrs 1min. Hardly my quickest ever but happy to be able to do the distance again.

I will update next week if we are still allowed out!

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