• Paul

A odd couple of days and some new discoveries.

02 April

Running Club Garden mile….

I did a mile around the garden table, it took 29minutes according to Garmin Connect, Strava later decided the mile actually took 19 mins ?!?!?!?! Fran then did the same . We both agreed it was horrible.

Afterwards I ran another 3 miles just to make sure I could still run at a reasonable pace . I could, very relieved.

04 April

5.44 miles around Kesgrave at a leisurely 8:20min/mile. I saw a lot of people out and about

06 April

Long Run Day! Kesgrave Landmarks Run!!

13.2 miles around the Landmarks Run organised by Kevin . Fran and I got round in about 2hours 5 mins. Took pictures at every point, discovered new roads and generally had a great time.

As i was supposed to be running 15 miles today i did some extra, Kesgrave local area 3.4 miles, a lot of people out and about walking in the sun, also saw Batman and Deadpool ?!?!? as i ran around. Total mileage today 16.6 miles, Opps! slightly more than intended but feel ok.


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