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Big Sky Guided Trail Runs

Looking to explore Suffolk? 

Local or on Holiday?

Solo or Groups.

Qualified Run Leaders will take you on an adventure through the stunning Suffolk countryside.

Trail running for all.

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Online Coaching

Remove the uncertainty from your training with Big Sky Online Running Coaching.

Online Running Coaching allows you to train at your convenience. You’ll have access to a running coach online via chat, video calling or simply on the phone. It’s suitable for you whether you’re new to running or a more experienced runner looking to improve.

Big Sky Online Coaching will keep you motivated and on track to achieve your goal.


Tailored Training Plans

What do you want to achieve?

A 5km PB? Your first 10km or 1/2 Marathon?

A lack of structure in training can let you down making you feel like you are getting nowhere.

Any training plan should first and foremost be something you want to achieve. What are your goals? Where are you now? How much free time do you have? Some of the important things we can discuss to tailor a plan to suit you.

Big Sky training plans describe each run in detail. Clearly defined sessions tell you how much effort to put in and how you should feel.


One To One Coaching

Running Technique & Injury Prevention.

Running technique is important to get right from the start. We will assess and discuss your technique early on in your plan and provide advice as you progress. Correct running technique prevents injury, helps you become a more efficient runner and ultimately will make you faster. We also suggest appropriate strength and conditioning work as part of your training plan.

Mental Strategies.

When you first start running it can be hard to remain motivated. 
As you start running further the mind plays an important part in getting you to the finish line. As distance increases the way you mentally approach your running becomes more significant. We can and will discuss how to mentally and psychologically prepare to fullfill your goal.


What are you waiting for?


Client Testimonials

Big Sky, Run Well Run Easy

I joined Big Sky Running just over three months ago and I have recently completed my first 12 week running program. Over the course of the 12 weeks I could feel my fitness improving, I stopped struggling to catch my breath after jogging for 5 minutes and finished by not only running for a whole 5k without walking also smashing over 4 minutes off of my 5km PB!!

I would highly recommend Paul as a trainer to anyone looking to improve their times or, like me, just wanting to be able to go out and run a couple of miles without having to walk after the first 5 minutes. Paul created my bespoke program based on my fitness level at the starting point, my goals and also the time I have available to spend running. I found the runs pushed me but not beyond my capabilities.

Pauls program has opened my eyes to a whole different approach to running and how to go further, faster and recover more quickly. I have thoroughly enjoyed the program and have already signed up for the next one.

Joanna Perry 05 June 2020