Tailored Training Plans

Specific to your needs

Big Sky Tailored Training Plan, developed just for you.

Every runner is different.

To achieve your goal, your training plan will be tailored to suit you. 

Big Sky plans are developed with your goals in mind. Based on where you are now,what your goals are,how much time you have to train weekly and

anything else you tell us about when we chat to find out what you want.

Plans can cover any time period, for any goal, any event or aspiration.

As well as your week-by-week training, you’ll also get a suggested running-specific strength and conditioning routine to support your running.


3 Steps to your tailored plan


A chat via video or in person to find out a little more about you and your running, your experience, time available and goals. If you are local a hour relaxed face to face assessment at your convenience.

Chat and assessment


Your plan will be tailored based on what you have told us, the time you have available during the week and your agreed goal.

Your tailored plan


You have the plan and its time to start training. The coach will be available to keep you motivated and on track to achieve your goal. The coach will be in contact when you complete a session , find out how it went and adjust your plan if required.

Train and adjust