Big Sky Beginnings

If you are new to running it can be hard to know where to start.

It's as simple as putting on a pair of trainers and stepping out the door.

Then what? 

What do I do?

If you've never really run before it can seem daunting, overwhelming, enough to make you turn around and go sit back in your favourite chair.

Big Sky running will tailor a plan to suit you. A goal of many new runners is running 5km, sometimes called Couch to 5k. We call it Big Sky Beginnings.

A typical plan might involve 3 sessions over 12 weeks. As a new runner it will start with walking and some running - but only a bit - and progress over the weeks. Every session you do we ask you upload to Strava or Garmin if you have a watch or phone that can track your run. Don't worry if you haven't you just need to tell your coach you've completed the planned ​session. 

Your Coach will be available throughout to motivate, help and keep you moving in the right direction.

The gradual build up will allow you to build up slowly, be injury free and enjoy your running.

The aim by week 12 is to be running the 5km, enjoying doing it and building the foundation of a lifelong love for running.

Big Sky Beginnings.

Big Sky, Run Well Run Easy.

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